Arsène Wenger Still Won’t Say Whether He’ll Stay At Arsenal Next Season

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Arsène Wenger Still Won’t Say Whether He’ll Stay At Arsenal Next Season

You may remember all the way back in February when Arsène Wenger said he’d make a decision about his career in March or April. Wenger, under increasing pressure in his job from fans and former players as a particularly difficult season draws to an end, has been cagey on whether he intends to return to Arsenal next season.

You may also have noticed that it’s May.

During his press conference ahead of Arsenal’s crucial match against Manchester United on Sunday, Wenger was asked about said pending decision. It is, after all, past his self-imposed deadline and running very close to the end of his current contract.

Wenger’s response was to joke that he shouldn’t have committed to that timeframe for making his decision.

“That means I was wrong,” Wenger said. “I don’t want to speak about my personal case any more.”

So, uh. Yeah.

You can’t really blame him for taking his time with this, really. If I were Wenger and I saw that “Wenger Out” signs had become a meme and were popping up all over the world, I wouldn’t be in any hurry either.

But all this begs the question: is Wenger genuinely undecided on his future with Arsenal? Or has he already made up his mind and is just messing around with us? Either one is plausible. I’m inclined to think he’s already decided, but who knows anymore. In any event, the decision is probably coming sooner rather than later. Probably.

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