Five Reasons Why Liverpool v Tottenham Was An Especially Weird Fixture

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Premier League matches that feature five goals between two sides pushing for a Champions League place generally merit descriptive words like “stellar” or “thrilling” or “pulsating”. Seldom, however, do they necessitate the word “weird”. That is until Tuesday afternoon’s match between Liverpool and Tottenham, in which Spurs eventually fell to their neighbors to the north by a 3-2 scoreline. Here are the five main reasons why this match was more than a little strange.

1) Mamadou Sakho did this

Having evidently watched every minute of the Super Bowl, Sakho brought down Spurs midfielder Mousa Dembele the way a cornerback might hurl himself at a sprinting wide receiver.

2) Daniel Sturridge almost pulled off this

The England international, who only recently returned from injury, came close to automatically winning the “Goal of the Week” category.

3) A Sakho clearance accidentally managed this

For those keeping score at home, that’s Mamadou Sakho’s clearance 1 – cameraman’s headset 0.

4) Simon Mignolet pulled off this

The constantly scrutinized goalkeeper was able to palm away a second half strike from Erik Lamela that would have otherwise significantly changed the final outcome.

5) Mario Balotelli was finally able to do this

Score. An important goal. In the closing minute of a game. To secure a crucial victory and a vital three points. He did all of that, and he still refused to celebrate. Why? Because he is Mario.

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