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Now that LAX is getting its very own celebrity-dedicated terminal, we might see a few less enviably glam paparazzi shots of Victoria Secret angels and Alexa Chung looking fresh right off cross-country flights. It takes a lot of money to look that good after sitting in stale airplane air for hours, but there are a few tricks that we mere humans can employ to looking somewhat pulled together before your Love Actually moment at the gate.

1. Wear your comfiest, chunkiest footwear

Shoes take up valuable real estate in your suitcase that’s better spent on souvenirs and an extra outfit. Pack the strappy heels and opt for looks that you can easily remove in the security line and, preferably, can wear with socks because gross, high-trafficked airport floors. Go for your leg-lengthening zip ankle boots, sporty slip-on sneakers, or espadrilles.

2. Keep warm in jeans

Even if it’s 100 F degrees outside, that airplane is probably going to be freezing. Save yourself a little more real estate in your suitcase by wearing bulky jeans. Pants will make taking off shoes, going through the body scan machine, security pat-downs much easier, and stumbling over a seatmate to get to the restroom much easier.

3. Bring something soft and/or furry

Your dad’s old pair of sweatpants doesn’t count. Sitting in a chair for that long is uncomfortable, we get it. But there are fancier days to make it feel more like you’re luxuriating at home. Instead, wrap yourself in a poncho, cozy up to a cashmere scarf, slip on some cashmere socks, or don your faux fur vest or jacket. It’s the closest any of us are getting to becoming Rosie Huntington-Whitley.

4. Make a statement coat your new BFF

You can dress up from head-to-toe black for a simple look that’ll keep your packing light and slip on a bright or printed coat for a chic street-style look. A good coat can make the oldest of jeans and T-shirts look designer.

5. Carry a cross-body that you can slip into your carryon

Save yourself the pain of digging through a tote bag for your wallet and keep your essentials in a regular cross body bag. Leave room in said tote bag so you can still get away with bringing a carryon (like a rolling suitcase), and a personal item, (like a tote with a cross-body bag tucked inside), onto the plane without checking any baggage.

6. Keep your accessories minimal

Leave your bangle collection at home in storage, or packed deep in your suitcase. Wear your lightest stuff for the flight. Think thin-chain necklaces, small rings and earring studs for jewelry that will still add up for a statement jewelry look without the weight.

7. Ditch the heavy-duty hair accessories

Even under-the-radar accessories like bobby pins are enough to pick up on the metal detector at security. Stick to elastic hair ties to keep it simple.

8. Hide airplane nap hair with a hat

Need something to cover up what your dry shampoo can’t? Embrace the messy, boho vibe with a wide-brimmed hat that will make you look pulled together. Don’t wear a trucker hat. You’re not Ashton Kutcher in 2002.

9. Don’t forget your sunglasses

Chances are you’ll need them on whatever trip you’re going on anyway, whether it’s for sleeping on an exotic beach or hiding your shade during a cookout with your cranky uncle. Slip them on for snoozing when a seatmate has to look at the clouds during the flight or when you deplane with puffy eyes. All the better to hide from paparazzi!

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