Harmony Korine’s New Dior Commercial

Style Video Harmony Korine
Harmony Korine’s New Dior Commercial

Russian supermodel Sasha Luss dives into an early-evening dream, fluorescently lit and glitzed up, in Harmony Korine’s new Dior commercial.

Advertising their Addict fragrance line, Luss carves out an iconic figure as a modern Alice, falling through a mantle mirror and into a black-lit wonderland. Bass booming, with Die Antwoord’s hit “Enter The Ninja” remixed to a dub-step pulse, fashion is reimagined in Korine’s recognizable vision.

Known for his work on movies such as Kids (1995) and his more recent, directorial debut, Spring Breakers, Korine has always been one to create an artistic balance between reality and dream. This newest clip carries that ambiance—washed, cut, and set to dry against smoke and indigo stage lights.

The recently released director’s cut adds a scene that allows us to follow the full journey. We see Luss staring into the mirror in the beginning, and we see her back on the mantle by the end, having found all the secrets behind the reflection.

Check out the clip above.

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