The 10 Best Hair Trends of 2015 (So Far)

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Hairstyles may come and go, but some—the best or sometimes the best of the worst—are never forgotten. The “Rachel” shag is embedded in every ‘90s kid’s collective memory, as well as those butterfly clips and streaky highlights from the early 2000s. While it remains to be seen what 2015 signature locks will look like, these 10 styles are definite contenders.

So far, color is key, and whether grey, pastel or bright, the bolder the better. Lobs are everywhere, and finally embracing natural texture is another key go-to this year. The top knot and man bun finally found one another, and, needless to say, we are anxious to see what the second half of 2015 brings to mop tops everywhere.

1. Bold and Bright

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While dyed hair has always been a quick fix to shake up any look, the first half of 2015 has seen some pretty extreme color choices. Dubbed Mermaid/Merman hair or Betta Fish hair, there is no doubt Rainbow Brite and co. would be proud. Bright colors, ombré fades and a spunky attitude give this look all it needs to be a showstopper. With Bumble and Bumble’s Spray Chalk, to the relief of parents everywhere, these fierce hair colors no longer require permanency. Regardless of whether the color is permanent or semi, these bold and bright hues add a little touch of fantasy to any look.

2. Knot it Up

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One of the best go-tos for second day hair, the top knot and all its variations—quarter, half and full—has become a fan favorite for those on the go. A must-do for humid beach days, as well as office appropriate, never before has the bun been so versatile since kindergarten ballet class. An instant way to look put-together, the top knot works with most hair textures, and with several handy tutorials out there like this one from Makeup By Ali, the messy ballerina bun has never been easier to figure out.

3. The Man Bun

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With the bun craze in full effect for the ladies, men too have jumped on the fad and thus the birth of the Man Bun. Whether coiled and braided or a loose, messy knot, gents with longer locks have ditched the low ponytail in favor of the high bun style. With the help of Instagram and @manbunmonday, the Man Bun has become a household name and menswear staple. Why should women have all the bun fun anyhow?

4. Braids and Plaits and Crowns, Oh My!

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With boho-chic everywhere these days, it was only a matter of time before a complimentary hairstyle caught on as well. While these braids, plaits and fishtails are bigger and bolder, there is a casual ease to the style (loose face-framing pieces and less product than in years past). Another second or third day hair option, braids have always been a go-to for longer hair but these bohemian-inspired bad boys are all 2015.

5. Lob it Off

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Oh, the Lob. While the long bob may have one of the more cringe-worthy acronyms around, this versatile hairstyle has won the hearts of many. Considered the perfect refresh and revamp post winter, the lob is fairly straightforward styling wise and customizable with choppy or blunt ends, face-framing fringe or finger-spun waves. The best part about the style is the flattering length. Not quite the same commitment as the chin-length, razored bobs from the late 1990s, the lob grows out nearly as fast as it appeared.

6. Au Naturel

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Though pink and purple hair are making waves, a resurgence of natural, dubbed lived-in color by technique creator Johnny Ramirez has shown up more and more in recent months. First came babylights and a return to youthful, natural hair colors and tones, but now with lived-in color, this look eases the painstaking grow-out process with lush, rich hues, blending blondes and ambers and browns perfectly together for a naturally born-with-this attitude. Lived-in color, once completed, is absolutely the most low-maintenance color job around.

7. Silver Foxes Run Amok

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Grey hair is no longer solely for the grandmas and grandpas. Nope, this is the color du jour for the fashion forward. Through a painstaking color process, silvered locks, whether pastel or ashy, stark or finely blended, highlight one’s face and create an eye-catching enviable look exuding grace and elegance. Though most people do not want to go prematurely grey, this granny style has taken over and grey fever has struck.

8. Flip it and Reverse it

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Always effortless and the iconic cool-girl hairstyle, the ’90s hair flip is back. An easy style for all hair types and textures, the hair flip creates an easy-going Venice Beach vibe. For a little added extra texture and oompf at the root, try R + Co’s Rockaway Salt Spray to infuse a beachy wave into your next hair flip.

9. Pardon my Bluntness

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Coinciding with the long bob phenomenon, blunt, one-length ends are in. The wispy, frayed shaggy snips of yesterday have been sheared off, and a clean, blunt finish has taken root. While a little extra mirror time is needed to keep these ends in line, a leave-in conditioning spray like Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Spray adds shine and softness while protecting hair from split ends. The blunt cut adds thickness to thinner hair types and is always charming with a shoulder grazing style.

10. Undercut Mania

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While the undercut style may have been around for quite some time as a barber’s favorite, this classy look is popping up everywhere these days, and from prepsters to hipsters to boy band members, there is sure to be an undercut style for everyone. The short sides coupled with longer hair on top gives this look a flattering appeal, no matter if slicked back and crisp or wavy with a touch of bed head. Even the gals have gotten in the game with a few opting to shave one side of their hair for a striking, warrior princess vibe. Needless to say, the undercut is sure to be around for quite some time.

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