40 Year Old Apollo Mission Recordings Reveal Astronauts Heard Unexplained “Music” on Dark Side of the Moon

This Gives Space Jam a Whole New Meaning

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A crew of astronauts on Apollo 10 captured what sounds like lunar “music” while orbiting the dark side of the moon, but the information wasn’t revealed until decades later.

No, Pink Floyd didn’t have anything to do with this. And the spacey sounds on the newly released sound recordings of the 1969 mission are much eerier than any terrestrial noise.

On one of its 31 turns around the lunar body, the Apollo 10 team temporarily lost communication with the space station, and the astronauts began hearing otherworldly whizzing and whistling sounds.

In the newly uncovered recordings of the mission, the team of three, Thomas P. Strafford, John W. Young and Eugene A. Cernan, mention the “music” several times—commenting on the strange noise for an hour before the ship rounded to the Earth-facing side of the moon.

The recording had been stored away for nearly 40 years until swaths of data from the Apollo missions were declassified in 2008. Information about the Apollo missions is now being publicly shared through the documentary TV series, NASA’s Unexplained Files.

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