Paste Tech’s Black Friday Gadget Gift Guide

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Paste Tech’s Black Friday Gadget Gift Guide

There are a lot of cool things you can buy that might seem random, but almost certainly will add value to your daily life. Here’s a list of some cool, if somewhat random gear to round out the holiday shopping.

MÄNNKITCHEN Pepper Cannon ($200)
Bearing what is perhaps one of the most entertaining names for a kitchen tool ever, deluxe grinder lives up to its title. Sure, it’s a lot for a pepper grinder and so powerful that it might not be ideal for the dining table. The Pepper Cannon is amazing for actual kitchen work. Where a normal grinder takes a painful bout of endless turning to get even a fraction of a teaspoon, this thing does it in seconds.

Anker 733 Power Bank ($100)
Battery packs for charging those devices on the go are always a welcome gift and this power bank offers charging to spare. Two USB-C ports and one USB-A let you charge any device, and it’s capable of 65W fast charging. With its built-in flip plug, you can just plug it in to charge it or to just use it as a plug-in charger.

Xfinity X1 Hybrid Power Flashlight (From $69)
Capable of using power from its rechargeable battery pack or normal AAs, the Xfinity X1 comes in 2500, 4000, and 5000 lumen flavors for blinding powers in the dark. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, this is a flashlight built to last for any emergency.

Minelab Vanquish Metal Detector ($199)
Capable of finding a variety of metals in a variety of ground types, the Vanquish makes a solid choice for newbies and old hands alike. With multiple find modes and a lightweight collapsible design, it’s easy to take along on those long walks on the beach or hikes up the trail.

Twinkly Squares ($250)
Normal lighting is so boring, so why not add personality and style with these LED light panels. Each of the six Twinkly squares has 64 individual LEDs in it capable of displaying over 16 million colors. Arrange them however you like on a wall and use the app to create art, light shows, or just plain old illumination. You can ever create animated pixel art with them.

Anker 735 Charger ($60)
Modern phones can be picky about their chargers and all those devices take up precious plug space, so why not try a charger that can fast charge your USB-C phone, tablet, and even laptop. With two USB-C ports and one old-style USB-A port. It can power three devices at once as well, dividing the power up efficiently between them.

Eufy Clean H20 ($119)
You might not have considered a portable vacuum just for the car, but this one will accommodate you. Recharged in about 90 minutes through its USB port, it comes with a charging cable for the car and a few key accessories for getting in the nooks and crannies. Surprisingly powerful suction and a LED to light the way as you suck dirt, you don’t have to use the H20 in the car. It’s perfectly useful anywhere you need a small vac.

Paleblue USB-C Rechargeable Batteries (From $19.99)
Rechargeable batteries are the perfect addition to any tech or gaming lover’s stash, but generally require specialized chargers. Not so with Paleblue’s assortment of AAA and AA rechargeable batteries that each have a USB-C port in them for recharging. Each battery is rated for over a thousand uses and they reach full charge in about an hour.

Nooie Pet Feeder ($99)
Love your cat, but terrible at remembering to feed them? Offload that chore to this wi-fi-connected, app-controlled dry pet feeder! You can set a feeding schedule, designate portion controls, and it even lets you know when it’s low on food.

Tile (From $18)
We think Tiles are the perfect stocking stuffer for any of the more forgetful types on your list. They come in a range of sizes from the original Tile Mate square to small round ones and even credit card-sized models. Stick them in purses, wallets, on phones and tablets, and you won’t lose them again. Or at least, not for long. No matter which you pick, the app lets you know where your forgotten stuff is, saving you time, hassle, and frustration.

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