Watch the First Fargo Season Three Teaser

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Watch the First Fargo Season Three Teaser

Following up with the announcement of Fargo season three earlier this week, FX has released a quick teaser for the new season. There’s not a ton of information to be garnered from the promo, but it’s still a fun little peek into what’s to come.

What we can gather from the promo is that the next season is presumably set around Christmas, and someone gets into an altercation. But if you didn’t know that someone is going to be on the wrong end of a bullet, you need to check your Fargo knowledge. Because that’s essentially the essence of Fargo: what can go wrong, will most assuredly, undoubtedly even, go very wrong.

Season three of Fargo premieres on FX on April 19—check out the teaser embedded above. You can find more information about the plot, characters and Ewan McGregor’s dual roles for the forthcoming season here.

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