Hemlock Grove: “Bodily Fluids”

(Episode 2.04)

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Hemlock Grove: “Bodily Fluids”

It’s one of the most overused tropes in film and television, a staple of horror movies that also manages to rear its head in crime procedural shows. When the random young couple comes close to consummating their relationship in the woods, we know there is one of two options: either they die, or they find someone who’s already dead. In “Bodily Fluids,” it’s the latter. The girl stumbles upon the body while excusing herself to pee. That’s only one of the possible sources for this episode’s title.

There’s a lot of searching going on in the fourth episode of Hemlock Grove. Christina’s body was discovered mangled and outside of her grave. Nearby, police identified Shelley’s footprints. When Roman hears the news, it doesn’t seem to affect him. He’s convinced that his sister is dead. Shelley’s mother, Olivia, is clearly consumed with other things. Norman, Shelley’s uncle, seems to hold out some sort of hope in the discovery. He had a very close relationship with his niece, and that, combined with the death Letha and (allegedly) her baby, has had a devastating effect on him. He continues to send Shelley emails, partially to help himself heal and partially because he does think that she might be out on her own and the can reach her.

To make matters worse, Norman’s ex-wife, Marie, is now missing and there are plenty of suspects. Norman believes that Dr. Pryce has something to do with her disappearance. After all, she named him in a recent lawsuit. The police don’t suspect Pryce at all, though. He was still hanging around the Godfrey building at the time she vanished. Olivia is clearly a person of interest, and she is questioned as well. Norman, as the ex-husband, is also under suspicion. When Norman speaks with the sheriff, he finds out that Olivia had mentioned that Marie visited her before the disappearance. Norman is baffled. Why wouldn’t Olivia mention this? Olivia claims that she has her reasons, that she simply didn’t want to upset Norman. He’s not buying this, but Olivia starts talking about how Marie holds Norman responsible for the death of their daughter Letha. Norman is skeptical but Olivia insists that she has no reason to lie. Or, does she have every reason to keep the truth from Norman?

Miranda takes to snooping at Roman’s place. It’s a weird, creepy house owned by a weird, creepy guy. Roman questions her when she gets home from her date with Peter. Maybe he’s just curious; maybe he’s a little jealous. It’s hard to say. He stares at her longingly, possibly lusting for her blood. Beyond the lord of the manor, though, there’s just all sorts of unusual happenings going on at the house. Miranda’s curiosity is piqued when she sees a child’s plushie in the dryer. She’s also intrigued by that door that’s always locked. When the young woman, who has never had a child, starts leaking milk, she knows that something is up. Miranda soon sneaks into the locked room and finds a baby. The normally shrieking baby immediately quiets when she enters the room. Miranda is nursing the child when Roman finds her. When they set eyes on each other, Miranda looks disturbed, as though she now understands that there is something stranger than she imagined afoot at Roman’s house and that this might be the reason that she’s here.

Roman’s anger reaches its zenith when he starts lashing out at employees. Human Resources is onto him. Amidst complaints that he’s creating a hostile work environment, he’s asked to leave and enroll in anger management courses. Roman is fighting the demon that’s part of him, and his thirst increases until he brutally feeds on a homeless man in an alley.

Peter is creating a commotion on all levels right now. The thugs who bought his fake drugs want a refund and it’s not happening. They unleash an attack, but Peter begins to transform and fights off the guys, breaking the nose of one. He’s left unnerved by the physical ramifications this defense had on him. He’s left with large scratch marks on his body. Things are worse for the thugs, though, and they’re tortured by the boss.

Despite the uneasy changes in Peter’s body, he’s compelled to warn people about his dreams. He calls up airplane banner companies to try to send a message. He drives far to save a boy from a near accident. When the mother comes out into the street, he warns her that they have to leave, that someone is trying to kill them. She freaks out and files a report about Peter’s disturbing prediction. Peter is pulled over and taken into custody, where he’s left in a cell shouting that people will die. Will people finally start listening to him?