The Clones Rally For War in First Trailer for Orphan Black‘s Final Season

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The Clones Rally For War in First Trailer for Orphan Black‘s Final Season

Sestras, unite!

With the fifth and final season of Orphan Black airing in two months, BBC America has released a new trailer spotlighting the sisterhood of clones rallying together against Neolution. Describing how the corporation “hunted,” “controlled,” “used” and “betrayed” them, the various genetically identical women, talking one at a time but with each continuing the previous speaker’s sentence, proceed to declare war.

“Now we fight” is the refrain of the latter part of the trailer, with different clones listing things that they will be fighting for, from the right to control their bodies to the right to love whom they want. By the time the clones each proclaim “We are one” at the teaser’s end, the phrase comes across as a bit redundant because the sestras’ solidarity had been established so clearly from the beginning. That said, “We are one” does seem to have a secondary function of highlighting what has been one of the main draws of Orphan Black since day one: the extraordinary conceit of having a single actress, Tatiana Maslany, play every single one of the clones. “We are one” may be a narrative-level rallying cry for the sestras, but it seems also to be an advertisement for Maslany’s versatility, asking us to behold, once again, the virtuosity of her chameleonic acting.

Since 2012, many have beheld, and based on the series’ success thus far, Orphan Black should have no trouble drawing a sizable viewership for its final trip. Check out the trailer above, and catch Orphan Black when it hits BBC America on June 10 at 10 p.m. EST.

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