Watch the New Community Season 6 Trailer

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For some time now, Community has been on the endangered series list. When NBC finally did cancel the show last year after many close calls, Yahoo! Screen swooped in to save the day, giving the show a new home. With the release of the first trailer for the revived show, Community fans who pleaded for “six seasons and movie!” can rejoice for being halfway there.

Pop-culture parody returns as a central aspect, as the Season 6 trailer bears resemblance to the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer with its familiar font and darkly epic tone. The show also seems like its old self, with the trailer featuring some meta-references, including The Dean introducing Paget Brewster as “new Shirley” (due to Yvette Nicole Brown being unable to partake in shooting the season).

Season 6 of Community begins March 17 on Yahoo! Stream.

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