Final Fantasy XV‘s Latest Update Brings Invincibility and Carnivals

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Final Fantasy XV‘s Latest Update Brings Invincibility and Carnivals

This month’s Final Fantasy XV update includes the Magitek Exosuits for the gang, a brand new quest, a new way to link attacks and the return of the Moogle Chocobo carnival.

Take on the game’s toughest bosses with the Magitek Exosuits—for 30 minutes a day, these will grant invincibility. After time’s up, these suits will act as standard gear. These Power Ranger-esque suits will prove very useful in this update’s newest quest, “O Partner, My Partner.” Hint: There’s a crazy boss involved.

Want to dominate the world of Eos even more? The new Cross Chain system allows heavy hits and defense breaks with additional chain links between you and the gang. But, keep in mind, you’ll need both the Sword of the Wise and Axe of the Conqueror Royal Arms weapons for this to activate. Both of these are acquired in the main storyline.

Need a breather? The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is back again from today until late September. If you didn’t get a chance to play it over the holiday, this cheery little festival throws you back into Altissia for a bunch of mini-games, prizes and plenty of awkward dancing with Moogles and Chocobos. In order to get access, you’ll need a season pass with the Holiday Pack + installed. The free version of the Holiday Pack will get access, as well.

For a sneak peek at the update, check out the screenshots below.




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