For House Democrats, the Tide Is Turning on Impeachment

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For House Democrats, the Tide Is Turning on Impeachment

105 members of Congress now stand in support of opening an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The new arrivals include four House Democrats from Washington following a lawsuit that was filed this past Friday by the House Judiciary Committee. The lawsuit involves the unsealing of grand jury evidence from the Mueller investigation; documents that would be needed to impeach the sitting President.

While many assumed that nothing would come of last week’s Mueller testimony (a seemingly uneventful hearing), a flurry of Democratic House members announced their support for Trump’s impeachment just yesterday, July 28.

The four Washington-based House Democrats publicly tweeted out their support for opening an impeachment inquiry, as Rolling Stone points out:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler appeared on ABC News to speak on the possibility of an impeachment inquiry, as well:

While multiple House Democrats still won’t budge on support of an impeachment inquiry, most notably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, we are finally seeing the tides turn as a result of Trump’s racism, immigration policies, election interference and too many other transgressions to list at this point.

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