How to Dress Cute, Not Freeze at Work

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As soon as the temps hit the 50s, it’s all too tempting to bust out the sleeveless sundresses to brighten up a boring Tuesday at work. But the frigid feeling inside your office can have you regretting your decision. Here, some easy dressing tips for keeping yourself toasty and office approps.

1. Stash a Blazer in Your Office


It’s the easiest way to make a woke-up-late outfit 180. And it’s warm! Drape it over your shoulders to look extra authoritative, or just plain old chic for your #OOTD Instagram.

2. And a Cardi, Too


You can’t wear a blazer all the time.

3. Plan for an Extra Layer


The secret to fashion and/or life is always having an extra piece on hand while you go through several temps and occasion during your day.

4. Wear Long Sleeves You Can Cuff


Button-up shirts are a cornerstone of an office-approp wardrobe. Pull ‘em on, tuck ‘em in, and roll ‘em up for warm weather and tough projects.

5. Rely on Chic Outerwear


We advise you to leave your hoodies at home, no matter how casual your office dress code. That structured coat that looks great in the fall can help keep you warm in a frigid summer office.

6. Mix in Some Cool Pants, Too


Pants. There’s something to them.

7. And Don’t Forget a Scarf


Even a skinny scarf will do.

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