Illustrated Quotes Honoring Famous Film Anniversaries

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Everyone has favorite movies that capture certain times in our lives. Although the years pass, these iconic movies hold up and always hold a special place in our memories. 2015 is a year full of famous movie anniversaries. We have chosen some of our favorites and illustrated some quotes to commemorate their important milestones.

1. The Sound Of Music


For those of you who missed Lady Gaga’s tribute at the Oscars, this musical classic is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Released in 1965, The Sound of Music became an instant hit, winning the Academy Award for Best Picture the next year. Around this same time, the United States first regular combat troops enter the Vietnam War and the skateboard was just hitting the scene.

2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show


This cult classic was released in 1975, and forty years later fans are still ecstatic to be taking on a strange journey. This was also the year that Saturday Night Live premiered, beginning a strange comedic journey of its own.

3. Jaws


Forty years ago two notes and a certain set of teeth brought immediate dread to audiences everywhere. Trips to the beach after 1975 were never the same. On April 30th of this year, after over a decade of fighting, the Vietnam War ended with the surrender of Saigon and the evacuation of the remaining US citizens.

4. The Goonies


This treasure hunting adventure debuted in 1985 and is celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer. This film shone as a portrait of childhood fun and friendship. At the time of its release, President Reagan had just started his second term in office and Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It” won the Grammy for Song of the Year.

5. Back To The Future


Here is another iconic film released in 1985, and thirty years later it is still full of time traveling tomfoolery. This film began the franchise and rocketed Michael J. Fox into Hollywood stardom. The Coca Cola Company changes its formula to attract younger customers. This “New” Coke falls short, leading the company to go back to its Classic Coke formula.

6. Home Alone


Full of hilarious slapstick humor and silly gags, Home Alone has found its place as a classic Christmastime comedy. After 25 years, it is still the source of memorable lines and scenes. 1990 was also the year that two other famous comedies premiered, “The Simpsons” and “Seinfeld.”

7. Jumanji


Spiders, killer plants and a stampede all in one game? And you thought “Operation” was nerve racking. It has been 20 years sense this most terrifying of board games came to the silver screen. The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame opens the same year, providing a place to honor great musicians of our time.

8. Toy Story


Prepare to feel old, because Toy Story is turning 20 this year. The endearing story of a toy cowboy and a spaceman action figure has been the childhood favorite for many. It was the first film from Pixar and ushered in a new era of computer animation. This film will continue to bring joy for decades to come.

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