Kanye West is Suing the Pants Off His Tour Insurers

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Kanye West is Suing the Pants Off His Tour Insurers

At the end of last year, Kanye West started to break down while on tour promoting his most recent album, The Life of Pablo. West started by abruptly canceling his Saint Pablo tour. Then, he was hospitalized for the plague that afflicts most celebrities, “stress and exhaustion.” Finally, he spent a good amount of time in there, avoiding the spotlight somewhat. But celebrity breakdowns aren’t exactly unheard of, and West had insured his tour against this exact possibility. However, it appears West’s insurers, Lloyd’s Of London, have refused to pony up the cash. So, according to TMZ, West’s Very Good Touring is suing Lloyd’s for some $9.8 million and change. The reason they haven’t paid? The wacky weed. Jazz cabbage. Third euphemism.

Lloyd’s Of London has reportedly been asserting that it was West’s marijuana use that contributed to his hospitalization and subsequent tour cancellation. West’s lawyers flat out refute that claim, asserting that Lloyd is propagating “any ostensible excuse no matter how fanciful” to avoid paying coverage. West’s lawyers have also noted that the insurer’s own doctor considered the artist’s mental state “disabling” enough to keep him from finishing the tour, per The Guardian. He wasn’t just reduced to a shell of a man by the devil’s lettuce.

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