Lil Nas X and Anya Taylor-Joy Help SNL Celebrate Pride Month

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Lil Nas X and Anya Taylor-Joy Help SNL Celebrate Pride Month

It’s about time for the first full Pride Month in two years, and Saturday Night Live paid tribute to both the celebration and the extreme stress it can cause during tonight’s episode. The show’s queer cast members were joined by musical guest Lil Nas X and host Anya Taylor-Joy in a music video about how exciting it is for Pride to return after the pandemic, while also acknowledging the emotional turmoil of unrequited crushes, relationships that move too fast, and the number of straight girls who take style pointers from lesbians. There’s also a dig at Chick Fil-A in there, for obvious reasons.

SNL has done a ton of parody songs over the last several seasons. This is one of the funnier ones; it pulls off the trick of finding humor from within LGBTQ culture instead of from without, making observations that aren’t quite stereotypes and that are funny for both those within the scene and those who aren’t. It’s also a pretty good song? It’s catchy, it has a good hook, the singing is generally pretty good, and Lil Nas X’s brief cameo makes it feel like a legitimate song you could hear on the radio. I am a proud ally of this sketch.

Check it out below, and try not to get too sunburnt or mad this Pride.

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