The Honourable Woman: “The Pairing Knife”

(Episode 1.08)

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The Honourable Woman: “The Pairing Knife”

As we waited with baited breath for “The Pairing Knife,” some of our questions were answered while other loose ends remain untied. Last episode, both Nessa and Ephra were left for dead, but Nessa is alive! Covered in blood and bruises and wrapped in an oriental rug, men shove Nessa’s cocooned body into the back of a van. Next time we see Nessa, she has been kidnapped, but is joyfully reunited with Kasim. Although, this joy is short-lived when a woman who is presumably Kasim’s new mother hurries him away. Hugh and Atika both know Nessa is alive, but must keep it a secret so she remains safe. Initially, Atika refuses to help Nessa but then goes to Palestine to see her.

While Nessa is alive, this finale is less about her and more about Atika. In fact, the show seems to have veered away from Nessa’s story and shifted towards Atika and Hugh. Additionally, after episode one, I assumed that the goal was to rescue Kasim and remove corruption from the Stein group. However, the main objective behind all these murders, secrets, and lies has been for Palestinian statehood? Everyone was vying for Palestinian statehood and Nessa was just a little pawn in their game. Atika knew who had kidnapped Kasim and, as we supposed after last week, she is in cahoots with the Zahid father and son.

This teaming up, however, is quickly undone when Atika realizes that Mr. Zahid ordered his son to rape Nessa. Atika, in a fit of fury and probably feelings of betrayal, stabs Mr. Zahid as he knifes her, though only he is left for dead. As Hugh says, Atika is willing to kill for her cause [Palestinian statehood], but does not excuse Mr. Zahid’s actions promoted by revenge to be honourable.

Lastly, as the American Embassy is about to kill Nessa off for good, Atika rescues both Nessa and Kasim and they return to the UK as mother and son. Monica, whose role is still a bit unclear, is strangled as The Honourable Woman comes to a close.

So, who is The Honourable Woman? I think, Atika. While some of her actions were not innocent, they were strategic and completed with integrity. What are your thoughts? Are you sad to see The Honourable Woman come to a close, or are you relieved there is not a second season? Comment below!

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