Watch SNL‘s Campaign Ad for Trump

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Watch SNL‘s Campaign Ad for Trump

It’s impossible to not talk about Donald Trump, isn’t it? The media is totally complicit in his rise, giving him non-stop attention since he threw his hat in the ring, and we feel bad about that. But we’re a comedy section, here. If somebody does something funny, we write about it and sometimes share it. And it’s so easy to make fun of Donald Trump, and making fun of Donald Trump is so consistently funny, that it’s really hard for us to not share it with y’all. So here’s another thing making fun of the Trump phenomenon, another clip from last night’s SNL, this time focused on the undeniable fact that Trump is the leading candidate among white supremacists and hate groups. Take a look and, if you’re a Trump, supporter, think long and hard about who you’re in agreement with. And if you work on Saturday Night Live, try to justify again why you’d invite Trump to host your show back in November, after his shock tactics and divisive rhetoric were already well established.

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