Brad Neely's Wizard People, Dear Reader: Deconstructing Harry Potter and the Hero's Journey

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Brad Neely's <em>Wizard People, Dear Reader</em>: Deconstructing <em>Harry Potter</em> and the Hero's Journey

Brad Neely is the face of comedy in the internet age. His deadpan sense of humor and penchant for beefy irony spurred the creation of the legendary festival-short-gone-viral “Cox & Combes’ Washington,” which led to a contract with Adult Swim for a passel of similar online mini-cartoons. He also worked as a consultant for the second half of Season 11 of South Park, runs the comedy website Creased Comics, and is currently shopping some ideas around for a television show of his own.

The well-documented legal skirmishes with Warner Bros. over Wizard People left Neely a little tired of discussing the project, but he agreed to talk with Paste about his inspiration for the parody, and his take on the need for effective cultural satire. Neely says that&nbsp;Wizard People isn’t an ode to the Harry Potter books or mythos (though he enjoys the movies). Rather, it’s a commentary on our obsession with what Joseph Campbell called the Hero’s Journey. “Here’s another one of those stories we keep telling ourselves," Neely says. "I felt like it would be really fun to satirize our love and acceptance of them by playing a character who loved it a whole lot more than he should.”&nbsp;