The Royal Tennenbaums and 19 More of Our Favorite Pop-Cultural Legos

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  • pop-culture-legos photo_14706_0-12 Michael Jasper Carlos Santana by Lego builder Michael Jasper on
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14705_0-11 Jackson Pollock by Lego designer Annie Preston of Vignette Bricks
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14702_0-6 Rex Features James Bond by Tyler Clites (
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14705_0-12 Moses, one character from The Brick Testament which retells the entire Bible in Lego form.
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-8 Rex Features The Lone Ranger by Tyler Clites (
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-9 Michael Jasper Vincent Van Gogh by Michael Jasper.
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14709_0-11 Charles Darwin by Michael Jasper via Brothers Brick
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-10 Brandi Carlile by Andrew of Brothers Brick
  • pop-culture-legos photo_29917_0-7 LEGO Darth Vader, official Star Wars LEGO character
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-11 LEGO Harry Potter, official Warner Brothers LEGO character
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14706_0-13 LEGO Indiana Jones, official LEGO game character
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-13 Jerry Lee Lewis by contributor "Andrew"
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14712_0-12 Napoleon Bonaparte by Andrew of Brothers Brick
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14712_0-13 Rilo Kiley by Andrew of Brothers Brick
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14712_0-14 The Decemberists, by Andrew of Brothers Brick
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14709_0-12 A smattering of comic-book greats by Lego designers at Mini Bigs
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14709_0-13 Nirvana by Andrew of Brothers Brick
  • pop-culture-legos photo_29917_0-8 Dave Kaleta Royal Tenenbaums characters: Dusty (Seymour Cassel), Royal Tenenbaum (Gene Hackman), and Pagoda (Kumar Pallana)
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-12 Dave Kaleta Richie Tenenbaum (Luke Wilson), Margot Tenenbaum (Gwyneth Paltrow), Eli Cash (Owen Wilson)
  • pop-culture-legos photo_29917_0-9 Dave Kaleta Raleigh St. Clair (Bill Murray) and Dudley Heinsbergen (Stephen Lea Sheppard)
  • pop-culture-legos photo_29917_0-10 Dave Kaleta Ari, Chas, and Uzi Tenenbaum (Grant Rosenmeyer, Ben Stiller, and Jonah Meyerson, respectively)
  • pop-culture-legos photo_30350_0-14 Dave Kaleta Henry Sherman (Danny Glover) and Etheline Tenenbaum (Anjelica Huston)
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14702_0-7 Michael Jasper Marilyn Monroe by Michael Jasper on Brickshelf
  • pop-culture-legos photo_14706_0-14 Michael Jasper Charlie Chaplin by Michael Jasper on Brickshelf
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