Pinups and Pints: America’s First Strip Club/Brewpub

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Peanut butter and jelly ain’t got nothing on this place. A topless bar in Medway Ohio, outside of Dayton, is now brewing its own beer with a 15-gallon brewery operating out of the back of the club, according to the Dayton City Paper. The place is called Pinups and Pints, which has a classy, nostalgic ring to it. The bar’s first beer, Pinup Pale Ale, has just been released. An Oktoberfest is in the works.

Perhaps I’m biased, but a strip club/brewery beats the hell out of the gun range/beer bar I wrote about last week. According to the Dayton City Paper, this is the first strip club to brew its own beer. I’m pretty sure this is what our Founding Fathers meant when they said, “and the pursuit of happiness.”

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