The 15 Best Internet Comedy Videos of 2015

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Comedy videos are fun. So are lists! Look at what a great start we’re off to already. When Paste first assigned me the responsibility of putting this list together, I was like “oh yeah bro, no problem, I love comedy videos, I’ll put those bad boys in a list for you right after I pound these here beers.” And then a short while later, as I stared into the vastness of the Internet, I began to realize it might be trickier than I first imagined. I stared out my window, thinking, how can you rank something which is so plentiful and so subjective? It’s like ranking grains of sand… Well, anyway, a few beers later, I put this list together. With that in mind, here are my rankings for the best comedy videos of the year. And this is only stuff that debuted on the internet and didn’t show up on TV, so no clips from late-night shows or Inside Amy Schumer or anything like that.

15. “How Wide is the Web: Why Do Nuns”
Created by Zoë Klar, Kira Hesser and Michelle Alexis Newman

This delightful webseries explores “the inane shit we find on the Internet” giving a funny visual form to the idiots who both ask and answer questions on Yahoo Answers. I especially like this video and the last shot of Klar as God walking down the street with Hesser as a nun, providing the kind of support that only God can really do. They’ve made 9 videos in total for this series so far and each one is about :30 seconds, so you should go ahead and enjoy the next few minutes of your life by watching all of them.

14.“52 Ways to Break-Up: #24 and #25 – Compare Notes”
Created by Megan Rosati

Break ups are never fun at the time, but Megan Rosati’s webseries about failed relationships finds a nice balance between comedy and sadness in exploring the universal subject. In this video, Rosati and Anna Akana compare their experiences with “Tinder Todd” and “boyfriend Todd” to discover a universal truth about life: never trust a Todd. I especially like the stylish production of these videos and the performances are great. You’d be wise to watch the whole series.

13. “Anna”
Created by Tony is Back!

Seems like they don’t make them anymore, but the old commercials for Frosted Flakes clearly left an impression on Finnish artist Jani Leinonen, who created this pitch-black dark parody. Rather than helping teens with minor problems, in this webseries, Tony the Tiger is now in a much bleaker, more cynical world. The series as a whole is uneven and sometimes goes overboard in the darkness, but it’s a funny concept and the execution is impressive, particularly the Tony animation. I liked this video the best of them, in which Tony counsels a nervous suicide bomber but, as that description makes clear, these videos are definitely not for everyone’s tastes.

12. “Does Dave Know We’re Here?: The Game”
Created by Daniel Clark, Megan Maile Green, Joe Kwaczala, Joe McAdam, and Chris Stephens

Commissioned by IFC’s Comedy Crib, this is my favorite video from a webseries I thoroughly enjoyed watching this year. The premise is beautifully stupid — a group of friends are waiting in the car for their pal Dave to come out and join them. In this video, the friends Joe, Megan, Chris, and McAdam pass the time by playing a dumb game and they all say dumb things. What more can I say? Dumb is good. If Gordon Gekko could talk about Internet videos, he would tell you “dumb is good.” For me, I’ll just say these videos are 10/10, A+++, would watch again.

11. “EDGE: What’s Up With This Big Hole?”
Created by The Onion

Leave it to The Onion to find the best parody of VICE with this webseries. Portrayed here, not inaccurately, as an organization of self-important millennial doofuses, the EDGE team sends reporter Nic Moss (played by comedian Devin Field) to investigate a big hole in the ground. Where did it come from, why is it there? As we’ve come to expect from The Onion they find the perfect balance between sharp satire and a sense of fun goofiness and I think that’s best on display in this video. Give it a watch.

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