New Side-by-Side Stranger Things Supercut Highlights Show's '70-80s Pop Culture Roots

TV Video Stranger Things
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(Note: Don’t watch the above if you’ve yet to finish Stranger Things’ first season.)

It’s no secret that acclaimed Netflix original sci-fi series Stranger Things draws heavily from a wide array of classic inspirations, mostly of the ‘80s horror-slasher variety—think along the lines of Stephen King, Wes Craven and Ridley Scott. Half the reason Stranger Things is so addictive is the dizzying assortment of references, shout-outs and homages scattered throughout each episode that attentive viewers and film buffs won’t have any trouble catching.

Now, French film journalist Ulysse Thevenon has compiled all the memorable allusions from the show’s first season and supercut them next to the films by which these scenes were inspired: everything from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Alien to Stand By Me and The Goonies.

The supercut reveals just how many scenes within Stranger Things have been inspired by or nearly replicate their predecessors, with the show uniquely managing to weave an original tale by borrowing heavily from the recognizable moments of films we already know and love. For fans of the show who’ve already watched the first season one too many times, this clip is a great way of definitively identifying the significant references on the show and learning more about the cultural roots from which the series grew.

Check out the supercut above—it’s heavy on spoilers, obviously.