10 Gadgets from CES 2015 That Will Change Your Home

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CES 2015 has come and gone but the impact of its devices and gadgets will be felt over the coming months as they all hit the market. With a particular focus on the smart home, one of the biggest takeaways from this year’s trade shows was that the Internet of Things has now gone mainstream. This includes everything from cutting down on your bills with smart air conditioning to pure entertainment with stunning 4K TVs.

Check out the 10 most interesting announcements, gadgets, and pieces of technology from this year’s CES that will change how you interact with your home.

10. iDevices Switch

iDevices Switch.png

The smart home was a big part of this year’s CES and iDevices were one of the first companies to reveal its gadgets for Apple’s HomeKit. Switch is a pretty simple but handy idea. The device plugs into a power socket in your home and can control appliances through Siri on your iPhone for maximum convenience.

9. Sensibo


Seemingly nothing is off limits for the smart home and Sensibo is hoping to do for air conditioners what Nest did for thermostats. The crowdfunded device and accompanying app can connect with an AC unit that has remote control, turning it into ‘smart air conditioning’ that can be controlled with ease through your smartphone

8. Invoxia Triby


The ‘smart refrigerator’ is pretty much spoken for now but French start-up Invoxia has decided to take on the age old fridge magnet. The Triby is a small device that sticks to your fridge door and allows you to doodle on it via your phone and it can also stream music. Perhaps more importantly it can be used as a communication tool to reach your phone, particularly handy if you’re out and the kids need to contact you.

7. Sony Symphonic Light speaker


Sony had plenty to flaunt last week back on the entertainment side of things, but the Symphonic Light speaker really caught our eye combining a light and speaker. The sleek bedside lamp, which can also be hung from the ceiling, comes with a built in speaker. As Sony CEO Kaz Hirai put it, “It fills your room with music while obviously lighting up your daily life.” Not to mention it’ll save you same space in your room.

6. Razer Forge TV (with Cortex streaming)

Razer Forge.jpg

Razer finally unveiled its Android gaming set top box last week. The Razer Forge TV is powered by Snapdragon 805 processor, Adreno 420 GPU, 2GB RAM and is decked out with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a HDMI 1.4 output. It’s a pretty standard Android set top box, but the new game streaming service is where things really get cool. Razer showed off the Razer Cortex for streaming PC games to your living room, but hasn’t announced a release date yet. If anyone could actually pull off streaming PC games to your television, it’s Razer.

5. Ecovent Heating and Cooling system


Ecovent’s heating and cooling system picked up the award for Automation Device of the Year. The system allows the user to manage the temperature control of each room individually through a series of sensors and vents that don’t require rewiring. The vents detect the climate in each room and adjust the airflow accordingly to get it just right. And of course, it’s also controlled with an app.

4. Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Moment


As far as materials go for devices at CES, a wood finish is not the first to spring to mind. Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Moment is a beautiful looking sound system with an oak touch interface on one side to give the design a very natural feel while on the flipside you have a more conventional tech screen. This is one for audiophiles and design geeks alike.

3. Google Cast for Audio

Google’s Chromecast has become quite a success and the tech giant is now hoping to do the same thing with audio that it did with TV. Google Cast will stream your music from your device and play it through a standalone player using the same tech that powered video streaming.

2. Samsung S9W SUHD

Samung SUHD TV.jpg

We can’t talk about tech for the home without talking about new TVs, which were a particular focal point at this year’s CES. Samsung went all in with the S9W SUHD, a staggering 82” curved TV that’s powered by Tizen. It’s an exorbitantly sized TV (who even has room for one of these?) but an impressive device nonetheless, which was one of the TV standouts from CES.

1. Sling TV


Sling TV is not so much a gadget or device, but it still is the piece of technology from CES 2015 that could have the biggest effect on your home. As streaming services become ubiquitous and cord cutting more prominent, the older players will have to adapt and that’s what Dish is doing with Sling TV. The service allows the customer to stream live TV over the Internet for $20 a month. How the service will evolve over time is key here, which will determine if it’s an important moment in the push and pull between traditional TV and the future of streaming.

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