Watch Ani DiFranco Read from Her Memoir Live at Paste Studio NYC

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Watch Ani DiFranco Read from Her Memoir Live at Paste Studio NYC

Singer-songwriter and social activist Ani DiFranco’s new memoir delivers a coming-of-age saga from an iconic voice. Titled No Walls and the Recurring Dream, the book recounts her early life to age 30 by “combining personal expression, the power of music, feminism, political activism, storytelling, philanthropy, entrepreneurship and much more.”

difranco memoir cover.pngIntrigued? Here’s the description from the publisher:

In these frank, honest, passionate and often funny pages is the tale of one woman’s eventful and radical journey to the age of 30. Ani’s coming of age story is defined by her ethos of fierce independence—from being an emancipated minor sleeping in a Buffalo bus station, to unwaveringly building a career through appearances at small clubs and festivals, to releasing her first album at the age of 18, to consciously rejecting the mainstream recording industry and creating her own label, Righteous Babe Records. In these pages, as in life, she never hesitates to question established rules and expectations, maintaining a level of artistic integrity that has inspired and challenged more than a few. Ani continues to be a major touring and recording artist as well as a celebrated activist and feminist, standing as living proof that you can overcome all personal and societal obstacles to be who you are and to follow your dreams.

Viking will release No Walls and the Recurring Dream on May 7th, but you can get a preview when DiFranco reads an excerpt live at Paste’s studio in New York. Check back here at 4:30 p.m. EST on May 6th to watch the livestream:

You can pre-order No Walls and the Recurring Dream here.

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