Rupert Grint Sees Cursed Child, Meets Grown-Up Ron Weasley

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is receiving rave reviews right and left, and drawing out some of the movie franchise’s most beloved actors to the theater, the most recent being Rupert Grint. The cast and crew were ecstatic for Grint to see the show, and several photos of his attendance were tweeted from the play’s official Twitter account.

Grint met the adult counterpart of the ginger-haired boy he made famous, played by Paul Thornley. The Rons do look very much alike.

There’s no verdict on the show from Grint yet, but Emma Watson gave it her highest praise, calling it “amazing,” and “possibly even more beautiful than the films.”

Now we’re just waiting on Daniel Radcliffe to make an appearance, though he says it won’t be anytime soon, as he doesn’t want his presence to distract from the show. Radcliffe told Entertainment Weekly, “To be honest, it seems like it’s going to run for years and years, so after the initial wave of Harry Potter fans has been in and gone maybe I’ll sneak in.”

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