Josh Amatore Hughes – Punk Shui

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Josh Amatore Hughes – Punk Shui

Life concept and design how-to based on intentional artistic chaos

With the ever-increasing number of home-design TV shows, Josh Amatore Hughes’ tutorial on how to redesign your life and living space is everything these shows aren’t: original, inspiring and funny.

Hughes is the originator of Punk Shui, a philosophy, an aesthetic, “the ancient art of urban survival” and a Vicodin-ditching “coping mechanism” all rolled in one. It’s what emerges when you saw in half all preconceived notions of how to live life and nail them to your wall. This book is both manifesto and manual for injecting Punk Shui into your home, your of?ce, your social scene and your prefab-discarding consciousness.

Those of us who don’t snap spikes around our necks—and those who typically run from books that smack of self-help—shouldn’t be deterred from checking this one out. Although the introduction assumes a distinctly bitter tone, the book itself embraces readers with all different tolerances for chaos.

Even better, the suggestions Hughes provides in sections like “Institutionalize Yourself” make you laugh out loud and, more importantly, don’t make you feel like you’re seeking therapy. Even if you don’t completely share Hughes’ outlook on life, reading Punk Shui will remind you of rules you’ve been meaning to smash.

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