Making a Murderer Prosecutor Ken Kratz is Writing a Book, Because Of Course He Is

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I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call Ken Kratz one of America’s most controversial figures, and if there’s one thing controversial figures love to do, it’s to get paid lots of money to have someone else write an approximation of what their life is kinda like while totally glossing over the bad parts write a book!

If you’re not familiar with Kratz from his highly questionable work as a prosecutor on Making a Murderer, you can check him out on Yelp, or read about the accusations of bias he leveled at the filmmakers here. If you have no idea what Making a Murderer is in the first place…well, catch up!

“Finally grateful to tell the whole story,” Kratz told a local TV station on Sunday, before adding that “the one voice forgotten to this point is Teresa Halbach.”

In comments to Page Six, Katz reiterated his criticisms of the Netflix documentary:

“If I was spoon-fed only what the Netflix documentary wanted me to see, I’d come to exactly the same conclusion. I’d be outraged.”

“This was a case that included the murder and dismemberment of a 25-year-old woman. It’s not fair to her memory, or to her family. They deserve some closure.”

Kratz said he’s been thinking of writing a book for 10 years. “I’m a trial lawyer, not a writer,” he said.

“But there are parts of this case that no one else knows.”

With nationwide rush of support for Steven Avery, who Kratz helped put away for murder, Kratz claims that he only wants to stand up for the victim. Which probably means he’ll be writing the book pro-bono, right? Ha, ha…

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