Heroes Bait a Hunter in This Exclusive Preview of Phillip Sevy’s Triage #2

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Heroes Bait a Hunter in This Exclusive Preview of Phillip Sevy’s Triage #2

Phillip Sevy’s Triage mini-series kicked off last month with an intriguing premise: three women—a nurse, a superhero and a rebel military commander—wake up in an unfamiliar world to discover they’re being hunted. The first creator-owned comic book series written and illustrated by Sevy, Triage established itself as a thrilling sci-fi epic in its first issue.

Dark Horse Comics will release the second issue on October 9th, which follows the trio of strangers as they try to discern how they relate to one another and why they’re being stalked by an interdimensional being.

“This book is about an existential search for identity and purpose against the backdrop of a space opera, and we really get to move forward on those fronts with this second issue,” Sevy tells Paste. “We established in issue one that the fate of all existence hangs in the balance, but who these three women are is more important to the salvation of reality than any actions they may take. Each issue has its own twists and turns that propel the story forward, but some of the most important aspects of the internal and personal stakes are set up here. I can’t wait for people to dig in!”

We’re excited to share an exclusive preview of Issue #2 below, featuring art by Sevy and lettering by Frank Cvetkovic. You can learn more about the five-issue series (and get a look at Jorge Corona’s alternate cover for the second issue) here.






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