Publisher Is Offering Free Downloads of Their Best Sci-Fi of 2015 Anthology

Books News Sci-Fi, the online imprint of Tor Books, has released an anthology of its best speculative fiction from 2015.

The newest edition of Some of the Best from features 21 hand-picked short stories, novelettes, and novellas published by the science fiction and fantasy magazine last year. Featured authors include Daniel José Older, Priya Sharma and Michael Livingston.

The anthology can be downloaded worldwide for free as a mini-book, and is available in pdf, epub, and mobi/prc formats. The entire list of selected works is below and can be accessed for download at

Ginga Daniel José Older
Damage David D. Levine
The Language of Knives Haralambi Markov
The Shape of My Name Nino Cipri
The Museum and the Music Box Noah Keller
Ballroom Blitz Veronica Schanoes
The Ways of Walls and Words Sabrina Vourvoulias
The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn Usman T. Malik
Elephants and Corpsesi Kameron Hurley
Waters of Versailles Kelly Robson
Islands off the Coast of Capitola, 1978 David Herter
Fabulous Beasts Priya Sharma
Please Undo this Hurt Seth Dickinson
Variations on an Apple Yoon Ha Lee
Tear Tracks Malka Older
Some Gods of El Paso Maria Dahvana Headley
The Log Goblin Brian Staveley
Schrödinger’s Gun Ray Wood
At the End of Babel Michael Livingston
Thyme Fiend Jeffrey Ford
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