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From saving damsels in distress to embodying what it means to be a literal power couple, characters in comics often partake in intensified and elaborate romances. Most of which wouldn’t fly in real life even without the superhuman powers. Whether it’s the rule of opposites attracting (i.e., superhero with lowly human) or finding comfort in the familiar (i.e., sharing the tall responsibility of saving the world), here are seven scenes or stories in which the love-story side plot stole the core narrative away.

1. Superman & Lois Lane: “Can You Read My Mind?” scene in Superman: The Movie, 1978
In this scene, arguably the most iconic couple in comics soars across NYC to the soundtrack of a John Williams score. But most poignant is Lois’ lyrical monologue: “I don’t know who you are/You’re just a friend from another star. … Will you look at me, quivering/like a little girl, shivering. You can see right through me. Can you read my mind?” It’s more like Lois can read Superman’s mind, as she goes on to offer—in her head, at least—love and friendship to the guy with the loneliest job in the universe.

2. Batman & Catwoman: Batman: Hush story arc
The femme fatale is often the fan favorite, and Catwoman is certainly no exception—mostly due to her role as a morally gray character who sways between crook and anti-hero. In this storyline, Batman seems to understand they are more similar than different. Notably when he says to Catwoman, on a rooftop in Gotham City: “I know Superman could squash me like a bug. But I know he won’t. Because deep down Clark is a good person. And deep down I’m not.”

batman hush 1.jpg

3. Spider-Man & Mary Jane Watson: “Upside Down Kiss” scene, in Spider-Man, 2002
Hero saves damsel in distress. Cliché, predictable—also iconic and impossible to leave out.

4. Scott Summers (Cyclops) & Jean Grey: X-Men #30 – “The Ties That Bind”
Finally in this issue, original X-men core members Jean Grey and Scott Summers get married, but what makes tying the knot important is what has happened in years past. They’d been dating since the beginning, being two of the five original members of the X-Men. Through her villainous times when she was consumed by “The Phoenix” and the struggle of both figuring out how to fit into the world as mutants, to call them a “power couple” would be both entirely literal and also an understatement.


5. Steve Rogers (Captain America) & Peggy Carter: “Plane Crash” scene, in Captain America: The First Avenger, 2011
Peggy Carter loves the man that is Steve Rogers. Not the soldier. She owns one photo of Rogers and that is a 5-foot-4, 95-pound man that wanted to serve his country. In the last scene between them, Carter wants to teach Rogers how to dance—he had mentioned earlier that he’d been looking for the right partner. But just before the plane crash, Rogers asks for a rain check—and then things get a little sappy.

6. Superman & Wonder Woman: “Superman/Wonder Woman – Power Couple Vol. 1” and “Kingdom Come”
Superman is not the smoothest cat out there—nerdy, offbeat—but Wonder Woman loves it. “Clark,” she says, “if I wanted to smooth, I’d be with Hal Jordan.” (aka, Green Lantern, daredevil). Nerds for the win.


7. Peter Parker & Gwen Stacey: “Asking Gwen out” scene, in The Amazing Spider-Man, 2012
It’s awkward, he’s nervous, he thinks he’s going to make a fool of himself and is correct, and therefore fulfills everything we want out of on-screen romance.

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