A.P. Bio‘s Fourth Season Launches on Peacock in September; Here’s a Trailer

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A.P. Bio‘s Fourth Season Launches on Peacock in September; Here’s a Trailer

The consistently underrated A.P. Bio is returning in September for its fourth season, NBC Universal announced today. All eight episodes start streaming on Peacock on Sept. 2, joining the first three seasons of the former NBC sitcom turned Peacock original. Expect the full cast to return, including Patton Oswalt, Glenn Howerton, and Paula Pell. Creator Mike O’Brien, who you might recognize from SNL or as the guy hesitant to give to calicocutpants.com in I Think You Should Leave, remains in charge.

If you haven’t seen A.P. Bio—or at least haven’t seen it since the first few episodes originally aired on NBC in 2018—it’s been one of the funniest sitcoms on TV over the last few years. At first it felt a little too mean-spirited, with Glenn Howerton’s reluctant high school teacher sharing too much of his Always Sunny character Dennis’s sociopathy. They quickly toned that down just enough to make Mr. Griffin tolerable. More importantly his students have gelled into a crack ensemble of comic actors with fleshed-out characters, serving as almost a second full cast within the show. Basically it’s a smart comedy with a great cast and a tone that remains somewhat realistic even as jokes and storylines regularly verge on the surreal or absurd, which puts it in the same general turf as classics like Newsradio and Community. The teaser trailer for season four doesn’t really capture what makes the show great, but it does reveal the big stunt-casting cameo of the season, so maybe that’ll convince some people to give it a shot. Yes, you’ll have to watch the trailer to see what I’m talking about.

A.P. Bio’s entire fourth season lands on Peacock on Sept. 2, 2021.

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