Watch Stephen Colbert Help President Obama Prepare for Unemployment

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Watch Stephen Colbert Help President Obama Prepare for Unemployment

President Obama is soon to be out of work, as the last year of insane election news has frequently reminded us. On Monday night, he stopped by The Late Show to get some interview help from Stephen Colbert. Dressed as generic middle manager “Randy,” Colbert sat down with the sitting president for a practice interview.

As the interview gets going, Randy becomes curious about why Obama hasn’t been promoted over the past eight years. “There wasn’t a lot of room for advancement in my last job,” Obama said. “The only one with a more powerful position was my wife.”

Later on, Randy noticed that Obama’s resume doesn’t mention his place of birth. Unfortunately, this is kind of a sensitive subject for Obama, who’s had to answer questions like that for years. Naturally, he declined to discuss the topic with Randy.

Obama was more than willing to speak about his greatest weaknesses though. “Well … sometimes … when I talk … I take … too many pauses.” Obama also took some time to reach out, sincerely, to millennial voters. “This is the most important election of their lifetimes,” Obama said. “They have the opportunity to make history. The results in November could change their lives forever, so they have to get out there and vote.”

Check out the full clip above to see Obama take advantage of an excellent Snapchat filter.

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