SNL‘s Colin Jost Makes Wrestling Fun Again by Getting Choked Out on WWE Raw

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SNL‘s Colin Jost Makes Wrestling Fun Again by Getting Choked Out on WWE Raw

We gotta give Colin Jost some credit. He and Michael Che might do a thoroughly disappointing job over on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, but last night he took one for the team* and went the extra mile to make WWE fun again.

[*=the team of wrestling fans, obviously]

Jost and Che were guests on last night’s episode of Raw, pretty much just to announce that’d they be appearing as “guest correspondents” at WrestleMania in April. During the last of their three segments, Jost took it upon himself to do something WWE hardly ever does these days—give the fans what they want to see—by getting choked against a wall by Braun Strowman. I can’t even begin to tell you why this happened—maybe because Jost was wearing a Mets hat in Philadelphia, maybe because Strowman is tired of Jost’s smug grin on Weekend Update every SNL, or maybe just because WWE occasionally remembers that the only reason Strowman got popular in the first place was because he did cool and ridiculous things like flip ambulances. To figure that out I’d have to actually, you know, watch Raw, which I wouldn’t wish on even my least favorite wrestling fan. (Seriously, WWE’s in a creative pit of its own making these days.) (Actually, those literal neo-Nazis who were regular PWG attendees should be forced to only watch WWE, as just the start of their punishment.)

But so, for a few glorious seconds—an entire ad break if you watched it on TV—Jost was suspended by the swollen meathooks of Catawba County’s favorite son, getting those hands all around his throat. It’s a little surprising to see Jost let a wrestler engage in any kind of physical activity with him; it’s almost like he’s not familiar with Richard Belzer’s run-in with Hulk Hogan 34 years ago. Or maybe he just remembers how thrilling it was to see Jon Stewart kick a man on Raw four years ago this month.

Actually, we’re going to call it here: at WrestleMania Jost and Che will be Braun Strowman’s tag team partners in a six-man match with Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush.

If you want to see Jost held helplessly against a cinder block wall by his throat, check out the clip below.

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