Watch Desus & Mero Hilariously Roast the My Pillow Guy and His Unhinged Documentary

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Watch Desus & Mero Hilariously Roast the My Pillow Guy and His Unhinged Documentary

I think it’s important for the health of the country that we all come together and agree to never stop roasting My Pillow clown Mike Lindell. Somehow this founder of a two-bit online pillow company has become Donald Trump’s greatest defender and most loyal ally, still lying about election fraud weeks after Biden’s inauguration. Lindell has basically sacrificed his company and whatever reputation he had to spread conspiracy theories in support of a career conman who would sell Lindell out at the very first opportunity. Lindell’s gone so far that he made a two-hour documentary about the so-called steal, laughably called Absolute Proof, that was pulled from YouTube almost as soon as it went live, and only aired on One America News—the most shamelessly pro-Trump cable newser around—after Lindell bought airtime; even then it was prefaced with a lengthy disclaimer from OAN about how they did not produce the movie or endorse any of its statements, because the network is understandably frightened of legal action from voting machine companies Dominion and Smartmatic. Lindell’s very public breakdown is pathetic and absurd and also bleakly hilarious.

Of all the late night hosts, Desus and Mero—the stars of Showtime’s Desus & Mero—had probably the funniest reaction to Lindell’s film. The two treat Lindell with the absolute contempt he deserves, with his low-rent set, his sweaty and blowsy demeanor, and his acknowledged former crack addiction (seriously—it’s in the title of his memoir.) all serving up grist. It’s such a perfect encapsulation of the whole Trump thing that his most vociferous supporter, the most prominent person who still has the former president’s back, is so transparently untethered from reality.

Anyway. You should watch the full segment from Desus & Mero, which you can see blow, and then search out more clips on their show’s YouTube channel.

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