Comedians React to Donald Trump Jr. Calling SNL “S&L”

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Comedians React to Donald Trump Jr. Calling SNL “S&L”

Here’s a tweet:

Here’s the son of the president, both of whom are regularly parodied on Saturday Night Live, apparently thinking the long-running comedy institution’s initials are S and L. It could be a typo or a simple mistake, but it definitely doesn’t help with the impression that these Trumps maybe aren’t all that smart, especially since this family has obsessed over NBC’s sketch show for years and should know its name by now.

We’re not here to guffaw over another Trump saying another stupid thing, though. We’re here to share how comedians responded to Junior, which is of interest since comedians are, y’know, actually funny, and also happen to be the societal demographic most closely associated with what is, yes, a comedy show. They’ve got a vested interest, both in making fun of people like the Trumps, and in a show like Saturday Night Livve. So here are some tweets about a tweet, already.

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