The Funniest Smocking Gun Tweets

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The Funniest Smocking Gun Tweets

Here’s a fun reminder: our president doesn’t know how to spell the word “smoking.”

This isn’t the first time Trump has referred to a “smocking gun” on Twitter. He did it back in August, too. And since that’s the kind of error that’s typically caught by a smart phone’s spellcheck feature, that means he’s spelled it as “smocking” so many times that his phone just lets it go at this point. He’s made his phone as dumb as he is.

Some of Trump’s most hopeless supporters have twisted this typo as another subversively brilliant move by the man they worship as a master strategist. We hate to ever acknowledge somebody as buffoonish as Bill Mitchell here, but you gotta admire the epic lengths he’ll go to utterly embarrass himself.

And you can find all manner of other conspiracy-addled QAnon-style fantasists somehow changing the subject to smear John Podesta some more, for some inexplicable reason.

Mostly though Twitter is just rightfully tearing Trump apart for repeatedly misspelling a word that most folks have a firm handle on early in elementary school. Here are some of the best of those jokes.

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