Jon Stewart Joins Stephen Colbert to Prepare for Election Day

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Jon Stewart Joins Stephen Colbert to Prepare for Election Day

Jon Stewart’s last appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert was a small eternity ago, during the RNC in July. Last night, Stewart returned to The Late Show once more, this time to do a little bit of song and dance with Colbert. Of course, this was Colbert’s last show before the election, so he was encouraging everyone to vote, including a young child who was confused about what to do. Colbert described voting as “a grade-A, crackerjack, super duper fun, piece-of-candy, grand slam, whizz bang way to keep America afloat,” all in song, of course.

Stewart, on the other hand, didn’t know if that was the right call. “Let the child do what she wants, don’t stuff voting down her throat,” Stewart said in a strange Southern twang. Stewart began to change his tune when he found out Donald Trump was running, and used the opportunity to spit in Colbert’s face a couple times.

When the girl brought up the idea of protesting the election, Colbert and Stewart were momentarily swayed. Thankfully, Hamilton’s Javier Muñoz showed up to talk some sense into them. “Yeah we’ve gone through a lot and the temperature’s hot, but please tell me you’re not throwing away your shot,” Muñoz rapped. Ultimately, Stewart, Colbert and the young girl decided they had to vote, and encouraged everyone else to do the same.

Check out the full clip above.

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