Gary Busey Debates Tacos in This Gary Busey: Pet Judge Clip

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Gary Busey Debates Tacos in This Gary Busey: Pet Judge Clip

People have been talking about “peak TV” for years, and that was before every major media conglomerate launched its own streaming service with its own lineup of original shows. Clearly we were all mistaken, though—how could anybody ever argue that TV has been exhausted when there hadn’t even been a pet-themed judge show starring Gary Busey yet?

Of course, that show now exists. Gary Busey: Pet Judge launched this week, and is available to stream and on demand through Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, Xbox, and VUDU. It’s a half-hour, six episode show where Gary Busey, famed actor / wildman, settles all manner of disputes involving animals. It is, as they say, high concept.

As the press release trumpets, “Each year across the country there are thousands of pet disputes. Those who want their cases tried by the best know there is only one man they can turn to, and he is thirsty for PET JUSTICE! That man—Gary Busey: Pet Judge.”

What does that mean in practice, though? Well, let this clip give you a clue. Busey engages in some deep legal probing of the meaning of the word “fat”—and how it relates to tacos.

Okay, that didn’t really give an idea of what you can expect at all, unless the whole show is just Busey spouting non-sequiturs at a bailiff and a defendant who looks rrrrrrrrreally familiar. Still, it’s all the proof you need that Gary Busey: Pet Judge is going to highlight Gary Busey at his Gary Busyest.

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