Jerry Seinfeld Will Help Margaret Cho Make Peace with an Unhappy Former Audience

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Comedian Margaret Cho’s recent set at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, N.J., did not go well, to put it mildly. Fortunately, the venturesome stand-up is going to get another shot at it, and with the support of none other than Jerry Seinfeld.

Cho’s provocative performance resulted in most of her audience storming out and eventually receiving refunds from the venue—you can watch footage of the fall-out here via TMZ, though it isn’t pretty. Now, to make peace with that same pissed-off set of attendees, Cho will return to the Stress Factory for an encore in the form of a Seinfeld-moderated discussion.

Seinfeld laid out his thoughts on the talk in an email from the club to the audience members:

When a stand-up show doesn’t go well, the audience and the comedian both go home unhappy, sometimes not really sure what went wrong. Every comedian has experienced this sense of unresolved resentment and anxiety. Wouldn’t it be something if we could go back to New Jersey, back to that club with the same audience and try to make things right? Have a discussion where both sides — comedian and audience — could talk about what happened?

This is kind of comedic do-over is a first as far as we know, and it’s either a brilliant idea or an awful one—there’s no middle ground. Here’s hoping that Cho and her ex-audience can mend fences, find some catharsis and maybe even laugh a little.

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