Watch a Teaser for Joe Pera Talks with You‘s Third Season

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Watch a Teaser for Joe Pera Talks with You‘s Third Season

Joe Pera Talks with You’s third season was announced back in August, and now Joe Pera and Adult Swim have a little treat for us. A short teaser on YouTube has revealed the premiere date for the new season, in the same understated, unassuming fashion you’d expect from Pera. We’ll be returning to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with Pera and his friends starting on Nov. 7, with new episodes airing on Sunday nights at 12:30 a.m.

Even for Pera, this trailer is pretty low-stakes. 18 seconds, two sentences, maybe two dozen words, and one quiet sigh are all it takes for Pera to deliver the news. The entertainment promotional complex at large could learn from this model of restraint and economy. How many plot twists would have gone unspoiled if movie trailers learned from the Pera school of promotion? How many slow, melodramatic covers of classic pop songs would’ve gone unrecorded? Part of Pera’s charm is showing us how the world could be, if people were polite and respectful to each other; now he’s showing the industry how to sell itself.

Check out the teaser below, and if you need a reminder of why we’re excited for Pera’s return, here’s all of our Joe Pera Talks with You coverage.

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