Joe Pera Talks with You‘s Third Season Gets a New Trailer

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Joe Pera Talks with You‘s Third Season Gets a New Trailer

November’s going to spoil us. Not only will we get the second season of How To with John Wilson on HBO later in the month, but Joe Pera Talks With You will return for its third season at the end of November’s first week. Although the two shows are very different in structure and format and tone, they still have a lot in common; both are interested in the daily lives of ordinary people in a way few TV shows are, both can be very soothing (although How To can also be way more stressful than Pera’s show), and both are defined by the idiosyncratic style and mindset of their creators. Pera’s show is fiction, though, as opposed to Wilson’s documentary approach, and probably the more obviously funny of the two. (Honestly, I’m already disappointed myself in even comparing these shows; they’re both great, and if both shows weren’t returning the same month, and hadn’t both just released new trailers, I probably wouldn’t ever combine them like this. Oh well!)

The third season of Pera premieres on Adult Swim (a corporate cousin of HBO’s) on Sunday, Nov. 7, and although a couple of very short teasers have been released already, this is our first actual look at the third season. As Pera himself tells a curious, somewhat rude, and proudly anti-British local at his neighborhood bar, expect the third season to cover such important topics as “the things Midwesterners keep in their second fridges.” We can’t wait to visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula once again, and this trailer has only made us anticipate it even more.

Check out the new trailer below, and keep an eye out for Joe Pera Talks with You’s third season on Adult Swim on Sunday, Nov. 7. Weirdly enough this trailer was released on Saturday, which seems like a bad day to get coverage by sites like us, but what do I know: I’m no PR professional.

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