John Oliver Examines the Danish Kids’ Show about a Man with a Huge Penis

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John Oliver Examines the Danish Kids’ Show about a Man with a Huge Penis

Denmark has a very popular children’s TV show about a man who uses his massive penis to help people, and based on this web exclusive John Oliver segment it received a fair bit of media coverage here in the States when it launched back in January. I have no memory of John Dillermand whatsoever. Did I somehow forget this wave of articles about the Danish kids’ TV show about the very large claymation penis? Because if so I probably need to go see a brain doctor and make sure I don’t have some kind of degenerative something-or-other inside of my head. It doesn’t seem like it’d be easy to forget about that kid’s show about the big dick, but it also doesn’t seem like somebody who pays entirely too much attention to the internet for his job would’ve somehow missed all these articles at Vice and Variety and wherever else. John Oliver rhapsodizing about the Danish kid’s show whose name translates as “John Penis Man” has me worried about my own cognitive decline.

If, like me, you somehow missed out on or forgot about John Dillermand, here’s a good overview, courtesy of Last Week Tonight. Yes, John Penis Man, as the name translates to in English, is a friendly chap with an incredibly long and versatile penis that he uses to rescue kids in danger. It is apparently very popular in Denmark, and seems like part of a bigger initiative by the channel that airs it to normalize the human body and its various functions.

Even if you’re already familiar with John Dillermand, you should probably check out the clip below, for a revealing anatomy lesson from Oliver himself. Don’t worry, it’s all animated. And if you’re a regular Last Week Tonight viewer bummed that the show is on break, this should tide you over a little bit until its return next Sunday.

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