Watch: Jon Stewart Wants the Media to Get Its Groove Back

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Watch: Jon Stewart Wants the Media to Get Its Groove Back

The American news media isn’t exactly crushing it with the general public right now. It’s less popular than President Donald Trump (who is historically unpopular for a newly minted president) and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (who has backed the brutal Assad regime in Syria and possibly meddled in elections both here and abroad). Between those dismal numbers and a series of attacks on the media by President Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer, it’s tempting for media members to kvetch about an erosion of First Amendment freedoms.

But last night, on Stephen Colbert’s show, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart said the media needs to kick the president’s “ass to the curb” and put itself back on the open market. Like in a relationship way past its expiration date, Stewart thinks separation is the only real way forward. Simply “believing” the president or thinking he can change is foolhardy. It’s a stinging critique for a crowd Stewart views as “thin-skinned,” but one that’s probably necessary. “Believe me.”

Check out the clip above.

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