Tracy Morgan And Jordan Peele Are Developing An FX Comedy

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Some good news for fans of Tracy Morgan: the actor and comedian is returning to scripted TV. He’s collaborating with Jordan Peele and Eastbound and Down’s John Carcieri to develop an as-yet-unnamed pilot for FX. Morgan will star as a career criminal, recently released from prison following a 15-year sentence, who faces the challenge of reintegrating himself into a society that has changed drastically since he was last a part of it.

This is a major step forward in Morgan’s comeback from the horrible 2014 car crash that left him in a coma with a number of broken bones. Even a few months after the accident, doctors were unsure if the SNL and 30 Rock star would ever perform again. But after more than a year of recovery, he made his return to SNL as a host this past October, and now it looks like he’s ready to pick up where he left off.

Before the accident, Morgan was reportedly in talks with the guys behind It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia to develop a series for FXX, but this new show has taken that one’s place.

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