Netflix Starts Cryptic Ad Campaign With Billboards That Say “Netflix Is a Joke”

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Netflix Starts Cryptic Ad Campaign With Billboards That Say “Netflix Is a Joke”

Listen, being funny is hard. We all know this. We have our hits and misses in our never-ending quests to be humorous. But generally, these misses are not the size of a giant-ass billboard. Observe Netflix’s latest billboard-sized attempts here:

These minimal and cryptic billboards have mysteriously gone up in Los Angeles and New York City, and rather than being shade from competitors like Hulu and Amazon Prime, sources (per THR) attribute this to Netflix themselves launching a viral marketing campaign. With stand-up specials from names like Jerry Seinfeld (who’s up to bat for Netflix on Sept. 19), Patton Oswalt and Dave Chappelle coming out on the service, this billboard campaign will soon expand to videos including these comedians.

Netflix’s only acknowledgement of this campaign thus far has been through this equally minimal and cryptic tweet:

You can almost imagine Netflix as Steve Urkel, throwing up their arms questioningly and smugly asking, “Did I do that?” For some reason, Netflix thinks that confusing its customers for a punchline that ultimately falls flat is a great way to show that they’re hilarious. The minimalist and post-modern aesthetic of these billboards sure does recall the avant-garde surrealist comedy of Jerry Seinfeld.

At least this campaign isn’t as terrifying as tying balloons to sewer grates ahead of IT.

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