Watch the Trailer for Nikki Glaser’s New Special Good Clean Filth

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Watch the Trailer for Nikki Glaser’s New Special Good Clean Filth

Nikki Glaser’s first HBO comedy special Good Clean Filth is due out on July 16, promising plenty of vulgarity and laughs. Her hour debuts on HBO on July 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and will also stream on HBO Max.

The comedian and FBOY Island host discusses dating, her body, and, of course, sex during her new special. None of these are exactly new topics for Glaser—which she acknowledges in the trailer for Good Clean Filth. She’s of a similar ilk to frequent collaborator Amy Schumer, talking frankly about hook ups and bodily functions. While this may shock more conservative viewers, it’s hardly an innovative approach in the Year of our Lord 2022.

According to a press release, though, Glaser aims beyond laughs in this new hour, hoping to break boundaries as well. She wants to explore that which we often gloss over for the sake of politeness, and in the process just maybe make things better for the women that follow her. It remains to be seen if she achieves this lofty goal, but at the very least Glaser is experiencing commercial success, having sold out the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado, where the special was taped in late 2021.

Watch the trailer for Good Clean Filth below and check out Paste’s 2021 interview with Glaser here.

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