Watch SNL‘s “Giuliani & Associates” Legal Ad that Was Cut for Time

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Watch SNL‘s “Giuliani & Associates” Legal Ad that Was Cut for Time

Saturday Night Live is a rerun this weekend, but in keeping with recent tradition the show has released something new since last week’s David Harbour-hosted episode. For the last few seasons SNL’s YouTube page has been uploading sketches that were cut for time. These are sketches that were filmed during the show’s dress rehearsal (they tape the entire rehearsal each week in case a live sketch goes off the rails and they need to replace it for reruns) and then squeezed out of the broadcast proper due to a lack of time. Sometimes they’re pretaped videos that also don’t get to air on NBC during the actual broadcast. The network will pop ‘em up on the show’s YouTube page on Sunday or Monday and squeeze some profit out of something that just a few years ago would never see the light of day outside of one SNL dress rehearsal.

This week’s cut sketch is a bit of a surprise. It stars Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani, with Beck Bennett and host David Harbour as Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, the two Giuliani associates who were arrested earlier this month for allegedly funneling money from other countries to U.S. politicians in an attempt to influence America’s relationship with Ukraine. It’s weird this got cut because any and all Trump-related controversies seem like a natural fit for SNL these days. It’s telling that so far this video has far more views on YouTube than most sketches that actually aired last Saturday night; as much as critics might complain about the tiredness of SNL’s toothless Trump comedy, every single week proves that that’s what people apparently actually want to see.

This sketch isn’t too bad, though. Instead of just dragging out a celebrity playing a political figure and then making jokes about not just the actual scandal but that celebrity’s own career, this sketch lets two cast members and a guest host sink their teeth into one of the most blatantly ridiculous political scandals of the last few weeks. (I was going to type years, but man, this Trump era is endless and its well of ridiculous scandals is bottomless.) Check out the clip below, and make sure your DVR is set for SNL’s next new episode on Oct. 26, which will feature Chance the Rapper as both host and musical guest.

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