SNL Takes Aim at the Fly-Infested Vice Presidential Debate

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SNL Takes Aim at the Fly-Infested Vice Presidential Debate

If there’s one particular upside to Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his potential Vice President, it’s more Maya Rudolph in our lives, right? The longtime SNL stalwart and frequent guest had a habit of stealing the show while playing Harris during the Democratic primary season, so it was only natural that she’d be all over SNL during the drive toward the Presidential election in November.

As for this week’s Vice Presidential debate … well, how could anything live up to the first meeting between Joe Biden and a probably COVID-infected Donald Trump? That Presidential debate casually tossed aside any semblance of tact or normalcy, as Trump’s constant interruptions and churlish attitude toward everyone, including the moderator, made the whole thing essentially a wash. The Vice Presidential debates, by comparison, seemed almost normal, even if they saw Mike Pence doing his best Trump-lite impersonation. When all was said and done, that particular debate was boring enough that the biggest topic of conversation was the giant black fly that seemed to relish landing against the perfect backdrop of Pence’s white hair.

Naturally, SNL isn’t above taking aim that that kind of embarrassing moment, even if it’s no particular fault of Pence’s. Cue: Maya Rudolph with a flyswatter. Wan laughs from the studio audience. It’s what you knew was coming, but hey—it’s a little bit funny to hear Beck Bennett quip “12 feet apart and separated by plexiglass is how mother and I sleep.”

Check out the full sketch below.

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